What is Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa?

Tai Chi is the slow style of martial arts in Chinese martial art system. Today most people practice Tai Chi because of its soft nature and health benefits. However, originally it was never designed for this purpose, it is still one of martial art styles, and some elements are even dangerous, also the learning process has never been people friendly.
Qigong is the Chinese exercise system that focuses more on internal attributes (e.g. energy) development through movement and breathing.
GongFa means the method of doing Tai Chi and Qigong exercises with special long-term purpose.

Dr. Chenís Tai Chi GongFa is an exercise system for health using selected, the best, safe, gentle, beautiful, and most effective Tai Chi and Qigong movements or forms with strong focus on BREATHING, which is considered the fundamental way of cultivating internal energy, the root of life. Remember: no breathing, no life; poor breathing, poor life; better breathing, better life; strong breathing, strong life!!!

Why this system is the best and unique?
Who is Dr. Chen?
This exercise system was designed by David Chen, Ph.D in exercise science. Dr. Chen received his Bachelor and Master degree in Physical Education from Beijing Institute of Physical Education, the best institute in China in the area of physical education, martial arts, Qigong study, and exercise and sport science. He received his doctoral degree in Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. For over 20 years Dr. Chen has been studying and working on teaching and teacher education in the fields of Chinese and Western exercise and fitness, and thousands of students have benefited from his instructions. Dr. Chen fully understands the difficulties, confusions, and frustrations that western students have had in exploring Chinese exercise systems. In his teaching career, Dr. Chen has been designing and developing many safe, gentle, and effective exercise routines for various populations. Dr. Chenís Tai Chi GongFa video program is the result of effort that put some of the routines in a logical and systematic order and extremely viewer-friendly manner so that almost anyone (regardless their fitness levels) who doesnít have access to his teaching settings can still benefit from his instruction very easily.

What are the philosophy and main characteristics behind this system?
(1). Minimum time, maximum result on the root of life and fundamental physical functions.
(2)  Using each personís own resource, rather then relying on external equipment, to reproduce his or
      her own energy, and enhance his or her own life force, and improve fundamental physical
      functions like cardio-respiratory function, muscle tones, leg strength, flexibility, balance,
      agility, coordination, joint health, and immune system.
(3). All those exercise routines are beautiful and enjoyable, and easy to do, so they can be maintained as
       a life-long exercise style.
(4). Extremely simple and viewer friendly, fully mirror-imaged leading demonstration, no learning
       curves involved. You can start right at the first time you view them and receive the benefits   
(5). Breathing is fully integrated into each routine, and breathing cues are provided during the full length
       of each routine, so viewers have no chance to get lost or confused.
(6). No big space required. Only 4x4 square feet in front of TV is enough.

What are the major considerations and principles in designing this system
that can not be found in other exercise systems?

   (1) People's health conditions and fitness levels.
   (2) Safety rules of doing exercises in modern exercise science..
   (3) Professional teaching guidelines in physical education and fitness instruction.
   (4) Teaching and learning psychologies and characteristics.
   (5) Physical and physiological nature of human body adaptations.
   (6) Principles in traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophies of human life enhancement in Chinese    
   (7) Principles and strategies in modern exercise science.
   (8) Principles in human movement design and physical skill learning and teaching.
   (9) Balance of Yin and Yang.
   (10) Balance of Left and Right.

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